Please join my blog, “THE CUP OF SALVATION.” If you join, both of us can learn together about God’s word. This blog is like the “Sower”, scattering seed, some of it falls on bad soil and brings forth very little fruit, and some of it falls on good soil and brings forth a great deal of fruit. Jesus explained that the seed is like the World of God. I had a calling from God to start this blog and together as I write, may His word be as the seed that is sowed, some of it falls away, but some of it produces and reproduces. We give God all the praise and glory as His word is energizing. I would love to hear from people all over as some seeds may touch your lives, and to those who have committed their lives to Jesus Christ. I am just a Servant He uses. Will you join my blog as I sow the seed of God’s word ? To join my blog, just subscribe on the right hand side of my blog where it says: “EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION”.

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  1. Many have heard of Jotta. A the Brazillian child gospel singer who is blessing the world with his anointed singing and demeanor. Here is a video of this same child at the tender age of 6 YEARS OLD as he is singing and praising and spreading the gospel in front of an enormous audience in Brazil. Watch and be amazingly blessed at what our God is doing with a child, Hallelujah!!!!!

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