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I get my strength from Christ. I WOULD BE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AND COULD DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WITHOUT HIM. He is my rock, my fortress, my love for others, my faith, my shield, my courage, my heart, my soul….everything I am, I am because of him. We live in a fast paced World that is tech savvy, opinionated and in search of answers. God created us that way, so we will seek community anywhere it can be found especially here on the Internet. But the greatest relationship I have found is within my Savior, Jesus Christ. So here I am inviting you to see a glimpse of my blog as I walk along with the Lord on a mission to share His Word through my Blog. I pray that it will encourage you to view your life as a mission for living out the Gospel everyday. I am the husband of a beautiful wife, Julie, who is my best friend. She comes from a family that are Christians, and their roots go very deep through out the Church we go to. The most important thing I have learned from my family is, that we put God first in our lives and we have to stay Focused. We thank God very much when we are weak, His Spirit will strengthen us and uphold us as we turn to Him. That way we you will never compromise the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

7 Responses to About Me

  1. K Zhang says:

    Hi, I love your posts. One suggest is perhaps you can not italicize everything. It’s easier to read a font that’s similar to your about page. Keep up the good work. God bless.

  2. Was happy to come across your blog today and it really spoke to me. I was interested to read your “about me” statement. I did subscribe to your posts. God bless you as you follow him writing blogs.

  3. am impressed and courage for reading your blog

  4. esther says:

    praise the lord … im esther from india …wow.. superb …. god bless you..

    RAPAKA – 534 320
    W.G.DT. (A.P)
    S. INDIA.
    E-Mail : swenkumar1@yahoo.co.in

    Dear Brethren THE CUP OF SALVATION in Christ,

    Warmest Greetings to all of you in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    After much prayer and waiting upon the Lord, I write this letter to enquire about your ministry and also to introduce our ministry and ourselves.

    I have recently heard about you and your wonderful ministry to your people. Since we are independent and not affiliated to any church or denomination, we wish to work in association with you God willing.

    I am an evangelist pioneering among unreached Hindus. As you know India has 1200 millions people and more than 84% are Hindus. There are only 3% Christians.

    Though there are 33 millions gods being worshipped by Hindus. People life in terrible poverty. Sickness and suffering, more than half of Indian people live below break line. More than 1, 00,000 children die every month due to starvation. Only 5% of India’s 240 million children go to school.

    In the midst of such a distressing and frustrating situation, we take the Gospel to these hurting and suffering masses. People are more positive to the Gospel than before. They are able to distinguish between mand-made religion and God’s way of salvation.

    But the Gospel work goes slow due to castism and regionality, recial prejudice, etc. Indian people are divided in 3000 castes and innumerable number of sub castes. There are as many as 1640 different dialects and languages. Also seven major religions exercise good hold on people.

    We are not at all intimidated by any of these issues. We just press for ward with preaching the Gospel. Surely the Holy Spirit convicts and converts their hearts.

    So far our Lord has enable us to reach many hundreds of Hindus. We established 8 churches in untrodden territories. No Missionary has ever gone there. They are growing in the Lord. We need your prayers and participation. We are interested to know more about you and your ministry.

    You are most welcome to visit us in India and see what God is doing in our midst. Also please feel free to ask us any question to enquire about our ministry or us. We will be highly delighted to furnish any information.

    May the Lord richly bless you and prosper you all for His Nam’s sake.

    Kindly pray for us our ministry and us.

    We are awaiting your good Christian Co-operation and Blessings in the Name of ever flowing gracious loving Lord.

    With prayers and God’s best

    yours in His Service,


    • Dear Brethren The Cup of Salvation in Christ,

      Most cordial greetings to all of you there in Jesus Name.
      Earlier I have written couple of letters introducing our work for the Lord in India.
      We greatly desire to know about you and work in close association with you for winning the lost and perishing souls for our Saviour Jesus Christ. India has more than 1200 millions of people and move than 84% are Hindus. Only 3% are Christians. For last 10 years we have been pioneering among the Unreached Hindus in our state Andhra Pradesh. Please don’t ignore our letters. We really need your prayers and participation. We honestly and cordially invite you to visit us and see what the Lord has been doing in our midst. India’s 330 million gods brought much cure and poverty on this country. There are temples in every street and idol-worship in very much prevailent. You find religion everywhere but people live in sickness, poverty, peacelessness etc.It is the Gospel of Jesus Christ that can set people free. Jesus has the power to redeem and give what all God has prepared for the inheritance of the saint please strengthens our hands to take this message to the hurting and suffering. We uphold you in our prayers. Please do pray for us and help us in the furtherance of the Gospel. May the Lord bless you.

      Look forward to hear from you soon.

      Thanking you,

      Yours in His grace,

      Pastor.Swen Kumar.P

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